Driven by better.
Inspired by change.

As healthcare professionals ourselves, we understand the unique pressures you face every day. We also know you got into healthcare because you wanted to make a difference and have a  positive impact on your patients’ lives. But providing optimal care requires monitoring thousands of patients all with unique needs and risks—while navigating different platforms and interfaces. This singular purpose drives us every day.


LindaCare was born from this challenge. That’s why we created OnePulse: A complete, user-friendly, all-in-one dashboard with on-demand support that aggregates device monitoring data from all vendors into one customizable dashboard.

So now you can spend more time providing optimal care for patients and less time in front of a computer.


In the hospitals and clinics we serve, clinicians, nurses, and staff work as teams to deliver the best patient care. We are proud to be part of those teams through our patient monitoring, support, and expertise. Helping our customers fulfill their promise of quality healthcare is our driving passion.


Because we know the right combination of systems, technology, and services will lead the way to better healthcare—and let everyone enjoy life more.