Too good to be true?

With OnePulse & ProPulse you can have your cake and eat it too

Bottom line improvements:


Maximize Reimbursements

Reduced costs and simplify training


Instantly Compliant with HRS Guidelines

HEIDIS and MIPS quality measures


Time-Saving Workflow for all staff


Reduce readmissions & length of stay

6 Reasons administrators are paying attention to remote monitoring

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Improve staff satisfaction, efficiency, and workflow by up to 50%

  1. Remote monitoring results in increased efficiency for healthcare providers and improved quality of care for patients. Evolvo Study

  2. RM reduced the number of scheduled and unscheduled hospital evaluations by almost 50%, with no increase in the incidence of death, strokes, or events requiring surgical intervention. TRUST trial

  3. Reduced Healthcare Utilization: follow up via RM was much less resource intensive than an in office visit (11.5 versus 27.7 minutes, p<0.01). Remote Monitoring of Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices (CIED)

  4. Focus on patients who need attention: not those with normal transmissions

  5. Reduce your reliance of industry reps. Technical Component (TC) fees are reimbursed to the facility that provides / pays for clinical staff. Reliance on device reps for data review could preclude your ability to receive TC reimbursement.

  6. OnePulse’s single sign on portal and unified reporting decrease staff burn out and training burden by simplifying the workflow.

All of these benefits at little or no upfront cost to your practice

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Save Time

A single center study from the Cleveland Clinic found Remote Monitoring was much less resource intensive than an in-office visit (59% less). The TRUST Trial found reducing evaluations by as much as 50% through remote monitoring resulted in no increase in death, strokes or events requiring surgical intervention.


Reduce Unnecessary Clinic Visits

Results show replacing in-person evaluations with remote follow up can reduce in-person evaluations by >50% for patients with all types of CIEDs without compromising safety and improving the detection of clinically significant events. [HRS Consensus Statement]


Comply with Society Guidelines

RM technology is moving closer to a paradigm in which monitoring is nearly continuous and in-office evaluations are primarily initiated as a response to alerts generated by RM. The Heart Rhythm Society has issued a number of guidelines concerning remote monitoring. 

Meet ProPulse - Your Partner for CIED Monitoring

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Expand your remote monitoring capabilities

Get back to caring for your patients - let our team manage remote patient data.


We’ve run the numbers. Remote Monitoring can have a big impact.

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The benefit of a device clinic - without one.


ProPulse IDTF services are billed directly to insurance.


Certified device specialists work with your patients

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Have a fully staffed device clinic?

OnePulse™ - Your Remote Monitoring command center featuring single sign on access and unified data review.