Doctors are drowning in data. A new study found 83 percent of surveyed clinicians and healthcare organization leadership see physician burnout as a problem. Technology isn't enough to improve healthcare. Doctors must be able to distinguish between valuable data and information overload

We’ve got your solution: OnePulse - built for the way you work.

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Simplify triage of incoming alerts with OnePulse’s customizable platform. Making it easy to view and analyze your patient’s data.

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Access Patient Data anywhere, anytime, all the time. You need a solution that is going to work with you, not limit you.

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Get meaningful, insightful data on patient condition, allowing you to act faster.

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Access all your patient’s data

anywhere, anytime, all-the-time

Meaningful Data, when it Means the Most.

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Only 24% of in-office follow up provided new and meaningful data compared to 63% of remote follow up. That’s a 68% improvement! (CONNECT)

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Get to a clinical decision faster, up to 17 days sooner according to a recent study. Faster decisions can save lives. (HRS Consensus Statement)

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Remote Monitoring can decrease time to intervention for inappropriate shocks.

Better Results Through Better Remote Management

Reduction in ED Visits ( EVOLVO )

Reduction in ED Visits (EVOLVO)

Reduction in Overall Healthcare Visits ( EVOLVO )

Reduction in Overall Healthcare Visits (EVOLVO)

Fewer PaceMaker Ambulatory Visits ( CIED )

Fewer PaceMaker Ambulatory Visits (CIED)


What makes OnePulse™ different?

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Robert Lerman understands the needs of EPs because he is one. Dr. Lerman works with our technology team to ensure that EP physicians’ needs for detail and accuracy are always met while optimizing work flow and efficiency.