Cardiac Device Data Overload?

Doctors are drowning in data. Technology isn't enough to improve healthcare. Doctors must be able to distinguish between valuable data and information overload. A new study found 83 percent of surveyed clinicians and healthcare organization leadership see physician burnout as a problem.

Do you place Subcutaneous Cardiac Rhythm Monitors (or Implantable Loop Recorders?) Are you thinking of expanding this practice now they are approved for in-office placement? Did you know without proper programming or adjustments, these device may transmit reports every day?

We developed a solution with you in mind. ProPulse™ allows you to focus on your patients while our certified device specialists focus on their data. Our technicians monitor all device transmissions, escalate important clinical findings, and prepare preliminary reports for your professional review.


Effective Management

Subcutaneous Cardiac Rhythm Monitors data burden is impacting time physicians need for patient care. Reclaim your time with our ProPulse™ service. (HealthCare IT News)

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Don’t miss a thing

According to the HRS, among patients with cryptogenic stroke, a diagnostic strategy of an implantable loop recorder coupled with RI technology has been demonstrated to detect atrial fibrillation more frequently than a conventional electrocardiogram monitoring approach (Implantable Loop Recorder, pubmed)



The use of AF detection algorithms has the potential to lead to more false-positives. Because of motion and myopotential artifacts, as well as misclassification from ectopic beats, a physician needs to be involved for an accurate diagnosis. (Implantable Loop Recorder, pubmed)

“We’ve got the perfect ILR solution,” said Dr. Robert Lerman, LindaCare Chief Medical Officer. “Our ProPulse™ service allows you to leverage all the benefits of subcutaneous cardiac rhythm monitors without the concerns of increasing staff or the headaches of data overload.”
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ProPulse Monitoring Service makes it easy to:

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Improve Patient Outcomes

In the TRUST trial, RM reduced the number of scheduled and unscheduled hospital evaluations by almost 50%, with no increase in the incidence of death, strokes, or events requiring surgical intervention.


Save Time

Studies have shown Remote Monitoring can reduce unnecessary office visits by up to 80% (ALONE). ProPulse™ frees up your time to focus on at-risk patients and procedures.


Improve Patient Compliance

Our certified technicians make sure patients are transmitting. Missed transmissions lead to sub-optimal clinical benefits.


Reduce Reliance on Device Reps

“Keeping up with the regulatory issues around device reps participating in your remote monitoring clinic can be challenging. Let our device specialists help manage your data worry free!” - Robert Lerman, MD.


Dr. Lerman discusses LindaCare solutions

Have a Remote Monitoring device clinic with in-house staff?

We’ve got you covered with OnePulse. Our proprietary software platform maximizes the efficiency of your staff by consolidating all device data into a single format regardless of vendor. Workflow is streamlined and data is complete and accurate with our industry-leading data consistency monitoring algorithm. It’s the solution for busy clinics who put their patients first.