Get Back to What You Enjoy - Caring for Patients, Not Data

The flow of data from CIED patients can be overwhelming. Different vendor portals, different formats, different logins, and a complex workflow.

We understand the problems you face:


Forced logins to multiple vendor portals


Calling non-transmitting patients


Struggling to review data in dissimilar formats


Chained to a workstation - not with patients


No time to properly train new staff on portals/transmissions


Trying to schedule device reps to review transmissions

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Save time

Remote CIED monitoring is >50% less time intensive than an in-office visit while easing patient’s concern over their care. OnePulse™ allows you to easily review all your patients in one portal - making quick work of transmissions.


Reduce unnecessary office visits

Clinical investigators are saying, "You can [forego] all the in-person evaluations at least for 2 years without adding any additional risks to your patients." HRS Guidelines suggest in-office remote monitored patients evaluations at least once a year combined with remote monitoring as part of the standard follow up management strategy.


Focus on at-risk patients

Instead of spending time clearing normal transmissions, OnePulse™ makes it easy to see which patients require attention first. OnePulse helps identify risks earlier, providing opportunities for intervention in cases of inappropriate therapy, battery depletion and recalls.

“The use of RM-only reduced in-office visits by 79.2%” ALONE Study

OnePulse™ gets you back to what you enjoy: caring for patients.

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Quit searching.

One place for all your patient device information and transmissions - regardless of device maker. OnePulse™ makes your workflow easier.

Get more done with less.

Reduce the number of portals, logins and dependence on industry reps, you’ll have more time to care for your patients. “Overall, 78 percent of registered nurses… reported that burnout is a problem at their organizations.” (New England Journal of Medicine)

Make the job easier.

Find out how remarkable the power of an all-in-one command center for your patient CIED data can be. Click below to learn more about the OnePulse solution:


Don’t have a remote cardiac device clinic at your facility?

Dependent on the device rep to download remote transmissions?

Implanting ILR’s in your clinic?

No available staff to manage implantable cardiac device patient data?

Seeing CIED patients in multiple clinics?

Partner with ProPulse service for your CIED data monitoring


Get the benefit of a device clinic - without one.

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Certified device specialists work with your patients.


Cost effective. ProPulse services bill to insurance.


Here’s how helpful ProPulse™ can be

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100% Patient Compliance

Our ProPulse™ team of certified device specialists are experts at making your patients feel welcome and valued. The data is overwhelming: remote monitoring improves outcomes, however, 21% of patients are still non-compliant. With ProPulse™, we can change this together.

Identify Risks Earlier

Studies suggest a reduction of harmful effects, like inappropriate shocks, when patients are monitored remotely. ProPulse™ shoulders the data deluge coming into your office and streamlines your workflow. You’ll get better, actionable data; and spend less time reviewing normal transmissions!

Class 1 Recommendation from Heart Rhythm Society

Remote Monitoring (RM) has a particularly important role to play in patients with CIED generators, device components, or leads under advisory or recall. The Heart Rhythm Society issued a specific Class I recommendation that patients with a CIED component under advisory or recall be enrolled in RM. In addition to the general recommendation, the guideline suggest using RM in all patients in whom it is technically feasible.