LindaCare is the result of a widespread problem in healthcare: 

the lack of interoperability across medical technologies.

LindaCare is the first digital health company focused on integrating remote-monitoring solutions for chronic disease management internationally.

A frustrated Nurse

Instead of caring for patients, most of her time was spent navigating through device-maker portals searching for patient information

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An idea is born

Our founder and CEO, Shahram Sharif transformed the frustration into a solution that solves a gap in the industry.

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Real Innovation

The team built a platform that standardizes data regardless of device vendor. Automation streamlines workflow, increases efficiency and allows a significant reduction in the time it takes to make a clinical decision.


Our ability to react quickly to a change in a patient’s status ultimately improves outcomes, patient satisfaction and reduces healthcare costs.

LindaCare is a company who continues to listen to physicians and staff in order to develop “real world” remote monitoring solutions.

Dr Robert Lerman, Chief Medical Officer of LindaCare


“The clinical benefits of remote monitoring are much greater with increased adherence to the monitoring program.”

Unfortunately, a large percentage of patients with cardiovascular implantable electronic devices (CIEDs) are not monitored consistently.  As many as 45% of patients are not successfully transmitting device data, causing delayed detection of clinical events. 

Furthermore, the sheer volume of data from remote monitored devices typically overwhelms the resources of clinics without dedicated device technicians.

Market Solutions

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An award-winning concept, OnePulse is built for the busy hospital, medical group or clinic who desire to serve their patients better. Harnessing the power of data, LindaCare’s OnePulse standardizes all incoming device transmissions allowing staff a predictable and familiar workflow.

Real advancements like our Data Consistency Monitoring Algorithm which ensure and protect the data in OnePulse to next-level compatibility present new opportunities for LindaCare in the expanding chronic disease remote monitoring sector.

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LindaCare developed the ProPulse™ service to optimize remote monitoring of patients while removing the burden from clinical staff. Our certified device technicians ensure all patients are consistently transmitting.  They review all transmissions, troubleshoot issues, provide preliminary data interpretation, and escalate alerts that need immediate physician attention.  The need for this type of technology and service platform is only going to increase in the coming months as more physicians begin implanting ILR’s (Implantable Loop Recorders) in their office or begin utilizing some of the Heart Failure functionality that’s available.

LindaCare co-founder and CEO Shahram Sharif

LindaCare co-founder and CEO Shahram Sharif

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Platform Development

“I was at HIMMS recently and the statistic was presented that for every one hour of patient contact a physician had, that physician spent two hours documenting in the EHR. That’s just not the way it should work. Our goal at LindaCare is to create a suite of remote chronic disease  monitoring solutions, not just cardiovascular disease.  If a device is transmitting  health data we want to provide each physician a solution that allows them to interact with the data in a way where they allows them to focus on patient care, not their data.  We want them to enjoy life more…” - Shahram Sharif, CEO LindaCare



RM has strong evidence of clinical and economic benefits. This is backed up by numerous studies.


HRS Expert Consensus deemed RM the New Standard of Care for CIED follow-up. In 2015, this was given the highest recommendation, Class 1A.


And yet, current utilization of RM in real world population is low. A large gap exists between current and ideal market potential.

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Projected growth of CIED Market will push ICDs to almost $7B, Pacemakers to $5B, Leads to $2B and Cardiac Resynchronization therapy devices to almost $6B.


Emerging data and reimbursement schemes in the US are pushing ILRs into new territory making the installation more attractive for physicians and patients.