LindaCare . Release OnePulse™ v1.0 and rolls out at The University Hospitals Leuven (UZ Leuven)

Leuven, Belgium, 1 June 2016 – LindaCare, a digital health software company specializing in the field of tele-monitoring solutions for chronic disease patients, has announced the release and installation at the University Hospitals Leuven (UZ Leuven) of OnePulse™ v1.0. The new company’s web-based software platform aims to improve the tele-monitoring of patients suffering from heart failure (HF) and cardiac arrhythmia with Cardiac Implanted Electronic Devices (CIED), an estimated total of about 10 million patients worldwide.  


The collaboration agreement between LindaCare and UZ Leuven was signed earlier this year to enhance the quality of follow-up care through tele-monitoring for patients affected by these type of conditions. After an intense and fruitful collaborative work with well-known implant device vendors – including Medtronic, Biotronik, St Jude Medical and Boston Scientific – LindaCare has provided the hospital and its patients with the first version of its advanced and innovative software. 


LindaCare started the development of OnePulse™ when it realized that the CIED patient follow-up process using tele-monitoring was inefficient and human resource intensive - a potential risk factor in quality of patient care and an obstacle for extending the enrollment of tele-monitored patients. Nurses and physicians are still confronted on a daily basis with the complexity of having to manage a variety of different tele-monitoring systems from several CIED vendors in order to properly follow-up large numbers of patients. “Having OnePulse™ v1.0 implemented in our department will bring a major benefit for the tele-monitoring of our CIED patients. By unifying the patient alerts and managing their workflow into one single platform, OnePulse™ will make the whole telemonitoring process considerably more cost efficient for our teams and more reliable for our patients,” said Prof. Dr. Rik Willems, head of the cardiac electrophysiology unit at UZ Leuven. 


Thanks to the close involvement and feedback provided by UZ Leuven’s cardiology nurses and physicians during OnePulse™’s software development process, several improvements have already been implemented to the existing functionalities and new features are planned for future software upgrades. OnePulse™ has also been successfully integrated with “KWS”, the Electronic Health Records (EHR) platform developed by UZ Leuven and deployed over the whole Nexus Health hospital group network. 


“I am very pleased with the constructive collaboration between all parties involved, UZ Leuven  as well as the CIED vendors. At LindaCare, we want to make sure that we provide our customers with the best-in-class implementation and service.  UZ Leuven is known for its high quality standards and for LindaCare having it as our first customer means setting the bar very high from day one ,” states Nicolas Giraud, co-founder and COO of LindaCare.  


Shahram Sharif, founder and CEO of LindaCare, adds: “the timely release of OnePulse™ v1.0 and its first implementation at our reference customer  UZ Leuven are the result of great team work and partnership between the two organizations. The positive responses and market traction already seen ahead of the official release of the software make us very confident about the positive impact OnePulse will have on optimizing CIED patient tele-monitoring at other hospitals and clinics similar to  UZ Leuven”.  

About LindaCare 


LindaCare NV/SA, a start-up company that is supported by the venture capital fund Capricorn ICT Arkiv, is specialised in the development of integrated tele-monitoring software solutions for chronic disease management. The initial focus of LindaCare are patients with heart failure (HF) and cardiac arrhythmia, equipped with Cardiac Implanted Electronic Devices (CIED) for Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM). The solution will subsequently be extended to other chronic disease domains integrating a wide range of tele-monitored medical devices. 



About University Hospitals Leuven (UZ Leuven) 


The University Hospitals Leuven is a network of hospitals on Gasthuisberg, Pellenberg, Sint-Pieter and Sint-Rafaël campuses. With 1,995 beds, UZ Leuven is one of the largest hospitals in the country. 


The forward-looking infrastructure at the Gasthuisberg campus provides a fitting environment for high-tech medicine. The centre was designed along the lines of a revolutionary new concept: the complex itself was built around various functions and integrates all manners of medical and paramedical disciplines seamlessly.  


UZ Leuven cares for patients, conducts research and provides academic training. So many diseases are identified, studied and treated so that it has built up a genuine wealth of expertise and knowledge. Its success is based on its continual flow of ideas, innovation and scientific research at the highest level. 



About nexuz health 


UZ Leuven is part of the medical collaborative alliance “nexuz health” with a number of other hospitals in Flanders region. This makes it possible to set up a shared electronic patient record between the hospital members of this network. This approach forms an essential part of Nexuz Health’s shared strategy to achieve safe and high-quality patient care. There are currently 17 partner hospitals and the list is still growing.