Remote CIED Monitoring: Finding the Needle in the Haystack

It was a normal Thursday for Liz Jordan, as she reviewed data sent to LindaCare from patients’ implantable cardiac devices. As she was reviewing a report from an implanted loop recorder (ILR), a tiny device placed under the skin to record heart rhythm abnormalities,  she noticed something was wrong.  This patient’s previous transmissions were numerous and unremarkable; this one was different. 

 Liz is a member of LindaCare’s elite ProPulse Service Team that reviews transmissions from CIEDs (Cardiac Implanted Electronic Devices).  “I read and evaluate transmissions every day and for me, it’s fascinating. We’re constantly finding information that can help doctors improve the care of their device patients. Many times its little things. This one was big.”

 On this day, Liz correctly identified a potentially life-threatening arrhythmia.  She quickly picked up on the abnormality and phoned the physician’s office to notify them. The patient had the abnormality confirmed and began treatment.  Liz’s action likely saved a life.

 “Doctors are inundated with data from these devices. They can’t be with patients and watch their data at the same time – that’s where we come in,” says Dr. Robert Lerman, LindaCare’s Chief Medical Officer and VP of Clinical Operations.  “LindaCare’s ProPulse Remote Monitoring Service reviews data transmitted from patients’ implanted device from a monitor in their home and quickly identifies clinically significant issues. “Our team handles the data and immediately reports anything urgent to the patient’s own cardiologist, making it easier for doctors to rapidly address any problems that arise. “Doctors and nurses get both streamlined work flow and the peace of mind knowing that their patients are being watched by a highly trained team,” said Dr. Lerman.

 “A lot of clinics don’t have the capacity to review device data more than once or twice a month and may rely on industry sales representatives to help interpret the information. We think that there’s a better way,” said Lerman.  LindaCare’s highly skilled device specialists monitor device data on a daily basis so necessary treatment is never delayed. “The evidence is clear- careful remote monitoring reduces the time to treatment and saves lives. We’re committed to providing industry leading patient monitoring for cardiac device patients.”

 You can find out more about Liz’s team and the ProPulse Service here.