Top 10 Most Exciting HealthTech Startups in Belgium

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LindaCare was named as one of the ten most exciting healthtech startups in Belgium by Startup tracker company, Tracxn. Tracxn is a startup tracking company mines data from a variety of sources and identifies companies with the best investment opportunities. From market signals to company size to workers skill levels, Tracxn identified LindaCare as being one of the select few with the potential to flourish.

LindaCare is a digital health company specializing in the development of integrated remote monitoring software solutions for chronic disease management. Created in 2015 with an initial focus on patients with heart failure and cardiac arrhythmias with cardiac implantable devices, LindaCare expanded its solutions to include providing technology enabled remote patient monitoring services, and will further extend to other chronic disease domains, integrating a wide range of remote monitored medical devices in the future.

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