Your physician has made the right choice to incorporate remote cardiac device monitoring as part of your care plan.

Remote cardiac device monitoring has a number of proven benefits:

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Better Outcomes

Remote monitoring improves patient outcomes. Increased survival (up to 50%) with more intense remote monitoring usage. (CIED Study)

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Reduced Hospital Visits

It’s possible to reduce scheduled and even unscheduled visits to a hospital by almost 50%.

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Fewer Doctor Visits

Patients don’t need to go to their doctor’s office as frequently. Thanks to remote monitoring, doctors have a steady stream of data, direct from your implant.


Earlier Detection

Cardiac devices can transmit information automatically. Information about your device or your heart rhythm function can reach your doctor faster, enabling you to get the care you need more quickly.

Patients, upgrading to Remote Monitoring experience:

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Improved quality of life.

Many patients report being more active and being less afraid to try things they used to do.

Greater sense of security and peace of mind.

Patients feel reassured knowing their physician is monitoring their heart health, even when not in the office.

More convenient than going to the doctor’s office.

There’s a lot of life to be lived. As much as we all love doctors, seeing less of them can be freeing.

Your role in your care.

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Remote Monitoring is only effective, if you do your part:

You play the most important role in your care:

  • Ensure that your remote home monitor is properly set up and transmitting. Call us at 1 (877) 267-1080 to ask for help if you are unsure

  • Make sure you know how to send a manual transmission if necessary

  • Comply with your doctor’s instructions for home monitoring- up to 21% of patients don’t!

  • Keep all scheduled in-office doctor’s appointments

  • Ask your doctor questions if you are unsure about your remote monitoring care

  • Call us with questions about your remote transmissions

  • Live your life…


What is ProPulse™? Your doctor may have enrolled you in our ProPulse™ service. Here’s what you should know:


ProPulse is a partnership between your doctor and LindaCare.

Our specialists monitor your cardiac device on a daily basis,

acting as extended eyes and ears of your physician.

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Your doctor is in control and reviews all data and makes all

medical decisions. Our staff notifies your doctor if

any device or heart rhythm abnormalities are observed.