At LindaCare we know patient care is the center of your cardiology practice. We also know your clinical workflow increases daily, with more devices implanted each year. It is these two reasons why we created OnePulse™ and OnePulse Services Solution™.


OnePulse™ is a well-rounded, holistic software program which allows any cardiology professional to closely monitor their patients through a single, unified portal – regardless of the device vendor.
OnePulse™ is a very user-friendly, intuitive and web-based software application that can be quickly deployed for your practice without any IT installation complexity (Software as a Service model).

Our solution is designed to:

  • Monitor all patient at any time from one place, regardless of the type of device and device vendor
  • Experience efficient work flow automation by integrating Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Prioritize the at-risk patients first using our Smart Alert Management system

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OnePulse Services Solutions™ (MaaS)

OnePulse Services Solutions™ is a Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) model that reduces the technology and staffing burden of remote follow-up, streamlines and improves your clinical workflow, and increases overall revenue for your practice. Our reliable technology-enabled care service model allows you to monitor more patients, with less strain on your staff. You focus on care for your patients, while we take care of the data and technology complexities.

OnePulse Services Solutions™ offers:

  • Certified and experienced cardiac device staff
  • Patient compliance ensuring remote follow-up schedule is maintained
  • Alert urgency notification set to the physician’s preference
  • Enabling cardiology practices to generate more revenue

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