ProPulse: a Patient-Centered, Technology Driven Ecosystem of Cardiac Care

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Unparalleled service.

Does this sound like your CIED Remote Monitoring program:

No time to train new staff on multiple vendor portals


Calling non-transmitting patients


More time reviewing data than with patients


Forced logins to multiple device manufacturers portals


Struggling to review data in different formats


Wasting time searching for data in different places

We developed a solution with you in mind. ProPulse™ allows doctors and staff to focus on patients while our certified device specialists focus on their data. Our technicians monitor all device transmissions, escalate important clinical findings, and prepare preliminary reports for professional review. It’s like having a world-class team at your fingertips without the staffing, costs, or burdens of data overload.

“For clinics without the resources to devote to high-quality remote monitoring, LindaCare’s ProPulse remote monitoring service has certified cardiac device specialists who promptly review all transmissions, quickly troubleshoot missed transmissions or broken transmitters, escalate critical alerts, and prepare preliminary reports for physician review.”
— Robert Lerman, MD. LindaCare Chief Medical Officer and VP of Clinical Services
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5 ways ProPulse™ will change your practice:

  1. Reduce time from clinical event to clinical decision.

  2. Improve your workflow - evaluate more data with LESS staff.

  3. Maximize patient compliance - our technicians ensure transmission success.

  4. Increase your billable services. Two business models- one without upfront costs to practice

  5. Allow you to spend more time with your patients, not their data.

ProPulse™ Features:

  • Complete device and portal management 

  • Transmissions reviewed by certified techs 

  • Clinical alerts are escalated 

  • Coordinated care between our experts & your staff

  • Activate non-transmitting patients 

  • Interrogations are managed 

  • Review historical comments 

  • Preliminary summaries make it simple to add your interpretation 

  • Evaluate more data with LESS staff 

  • Maximize patient compliance  

  • Automatic troubleshooting 

  • In office and remote transmission capable

  • HIPAA compliance 

  • Instant access to device settings, details and electrograms

  • Optimize revenue 

  • Remote monitoring service billed to Insurance 

  • EHR interface available* 

Cloud-based Service - Nothing to install - no servers to buy 

*Propulse™ is currently available only in the US. For interest in a similar product outside the US, please contact us for more details and information.please contact us for more details and information.