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smarter evaluation.

In the complex and changing world of remote patient monitoring, one-size-fits-all really means one-size-fits-no-one. That’s why LindaCare takes a solution approach with a mix of the right products and services to help you evolve to a best-in-class clinic.


LindaCare’s OnePulse is a single integrated and unified software platform that allows healthcare professionals to efficiently and effectively track all their patients. So you can monitor patients, take appropriate action, and report effectively. All in one system. It’s that simple.

Introducing OnePulse™

OnePulse™ is an intuitive, complete software program that allows any cardiology professional to closely monitor their patients through a single, unified portal – regardless of the device vendor.


OnePulse™ brings together the disparate transmissions from different vendors into a common structure that brilliantly groups patients so, at a glance, you can see which patients require your attention first.  Smart and simple, that’s OnePulse™.

Introducing OnePulse Services Solutions™

OnePulse Services Solutions™is a Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) model that reduces the technology and staffing burden of remote follow-up, streamlines and improves your clinical workflow, and increases overall revenue for your practice.


Our reliable technology-enabled care service model allows you to monitor more patients, with less strain on your staff. You focus on care for your patients, while we take care of the data and technical complexities.

Our solution is designed to:

Simplify and prioritize your patient monitoring with a single, customized dashboard.

Enhance your ability to treat more patients more effectively by instantly accessing patient data.

Reduce your costs and time spent in front of a computer by making better decisions faster.


Forced to navigate through a series of different vendor portals.

No way to triage alerts across different vendors.

No complete overview of a patient’s follow-up and monitoring history.


A unified dashboard of all remote patient monitoring data regardless of device vendor.

Customized triage alerts across vendors.

Workflow automation and integration with electronic patient record.