What We Do

The unified view on your patient’s health

By providing healthcare professionals and hospitals with a single integrated and unified vendor independent software platform, LindaCare makes remote patient monitoring significantly more efficient.


remote patient monitoring

Improve quality

of chronic diseases management

Reduce cost

of delivery of care


  1. Forced to navigate through a series of different vendor portals.
  2. No way to do alert triage across different vendors.
  3. No clear overview of a patient’s follow-up and monitoring history.

and with LindaCare

  1. Provides a unified dashboard for remote patient monitoring data from different cardiac implantable device vendors.
  2. Offers triage of alerts across vendors in a customized way.
  3. Provides efficient workflow automation and integration with electronic patient record.

Through one single integrated platform, LindaCare is revolutionizing chronic heart disease remote patient monitoring


Not having to wait for your call. Start with the patient who needs it most.

Health History

Instantly see which way your patient is heading.

The best decisions are based on trends you observe.


Monitor, take action, and report on it.

All in one system.

It’s that simple

Our value proposition

Quality of care

Just like in an air traffic control center, you are able to keep close track of every patient’s health.


No more shifting through email alerts and vendor portals. You will follow up your patients faster and better.

Vendor neutral

Monitor, take action, and report on it.
All in one system.
It’s that simple.